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ARTIST                     DJ Carloss
TITLE                        The Sound Of Kronik
LABEL                      Kronik Records
CAT NO                    KRDJV01
FORMAT                   Vinyl
PRICE                       £11
STYLE                       UK GARAGE
RELEASE DATE        12/02/2021





*you cannot use the audio preview feature on a mobile device* 

1. Geonikx, Yung Saber & D Slayer - Dun Out Ere
2. DJ Oxide, Bigkid & Asher D - Superman
3. MC DT, Just 4 Jokes & MC RB - Jump Up
4. Genius Cru - Waiting
5. Genius Cru - Boom Selection
6. DJ Luck, Shy Cookie & Troublesome - Huckleberry
7. Yardcure Cru & Lady Saw - Life We Livin
8. AC Burrel & Shai - Crazy
9. CDAY ft MC Fizzy - Fire
10. Shy Cookie - Burnin
11. Legacy - Do You Still Love Me
12. Genius Cru - Course Bruv
13. Bronx Base - MC Delight
14. MC Fizzy, Raver & Sharky P - Bad Up
15. MC DT & K2 Big Brown - Buzzin Vibes
16. Shy Cookie & MC Neat - Voicemail
17. AC Burrel - Nasty


KRONIK Records celebrates over 25 years of garage classics with the sound of KRONIK Album release with some of the biggest names in and around the scene for the last 25 years featuring artist such as DJ Luck, MC Neat, MC DT, MC Fizzy, Sharky P, Genius Cru, Just4jokes, MC RB, Troublesome, Shy cookie, Oxide and Asher D, to new producers such as CDAY and Geonikx and also a mix by DJ Carloss with over 50 minutes of garage classics and new garage.
The tracks on this album are timeless and the production is top notch with DJ producers such as DJ Luck and DJ Shy cookie with their anthem “Huckleberry” with reggae artists Troublesome and with MC Neat jumping on DJ Shy cookie “voicemail” track that has never been released. These are all garage legends with Luck and Neat having success with “a little bit of luck” and “masterblaster” of which they just released a 2020 version also working on their own solo careers and Shy cookie the man responsible for the garage orchestra. Also, you have to mention Genius Cru who alongside KRONIK had chart success with the anthems “Boom selection”, “course bruv”, and club anthem “waiting”. Then we have MC DT, “loving it loving it loving it”, who also had a chart success with “jump up” by Just4jokes feat MC RB. Then we have Oxide, one half of Oxide and Neutrino who had a number one with “bounce 4 da reload” and also a lot of hits with his crew So Solid Crew which is where Asher D comes from who was also a big part of So Solids success who now is a famous TV and film actor. Most people will know him as Ashley Walters from his parts in Top boy and his current series Bulletproof. When you hear this “superman” track off the album you will realise why they have had so much success.
Then we have 4 new releases, MC Fizzy, Sharky P and Raver “Bad up” this is a banger. Also, MC DT and Big Brown K2family with “Buzzing vibes” another banger that’ll get you moving. Then we have the upcoming production team Geonikx with their garage mix of “Dun out ere” with MC Fizzy feat DSlayer and Yung Saber and finally CDAY who at 17 years old has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and is also one half of Geonikx production team and a DJ on Flex FM. To finish off the album we have a 50-minute mix by DJ Carloss whom is the owner of Flex FM and club lit in Clapham, a well-known DJ on the scene for the last 25 years who everyone will know from the pirate radio days to playing at the big clubs and festivals.


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