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Juliano Creator "HEAT" ft Mobb Deep re-drop 2021

Juliano Creator feat Mobb Deep - Heat is more than a record. It’s the combining of New Yorks finest MC duo Mobb Deep with one of Hip Hops most globally recognised record collectors and producers, Juliano Creator based out of London, UK and signed to the infamous Kronik Records. Julianos story is so deeply ingrained into the history of Hip Hop, it needs to be written down to be believed. Hip Hop music was founded on Turntables. Mixing and looping beats and samples from records that had elements of magic. Mixing that magic together made history. Juliano Creator had found his calling. From his teenage years he collected, chopped and made beats from the wildest array of records that he searched the globe to find . His treasure trove of gems, from rare funk, prog rock, tv and library music through to rare bollywood grooves, eastern European gems and japanese kung fu soundtracks drew the attention of many of the world’s most successful producers, mostly form the US, looking for that unique break or sample. Whenever any of hip hops royalty landed in London you could be sure the producers they rolled with came looking. Juliano created friendships with the likes of G-Unit, Eminems crew D12, Just Blaze (Jay Z), Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Alkaholiks (Xzibit), Dilated Peoples and Alchemist (Mobb Deep) to name just a few. This friendship with Alchemist led to a call the minute Al landed in London, whilst on tour with Mobb Deep, asking Juliano to head straight to the show with his manager, and then back to the hotel afterwards with a bag of records for both Havoc and Al to dig through. After a long night the conversation of getting Havoc and Prodigy (Mobb Deep) on one of his beats for his new project turned into a plan. The next the day the tour was heading to Paris and Juliano and the Kronik Team joined them to record “Heat” before their next show………..

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