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Drigyy is a rapper, singer & songwriter from the depths of south east London. His love for music was birthed at home and developed in a youth club local to Drigyy in his early teens. He specifically grew a passion for harmonics which helped him take his work to the next level. Drigyy then began releasing on Soundcloud during his school years in 2016 with his first single ‘Team Blow’ Featuring young rapper treks From North West London. Drigyy started infusing his African heritage with his unique urban style which separated him. He first shocked the streets with his single ‘Lust’ where he utilises his skill to tell us that not everyone in your life means well whilst also stressing to us know his main objective “I’m on a road to a million”. Drigyy and his glossy melodies then took the scene by storm in 2020 May with ‘Trust 2 Tough’ as he takes us to South London to explains the struggles of not being able to trust & rely on everyone that may seem reliable

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